Not Only Fun… Educational Too!

Dakin Dairy Farms School Tours allow for a transfer of knowledge that is not only fun, but educational too! Students will learn & see where milk comes from and watch it go from the cow to the bottle. Students will also learn about sustainable farming and the many benefits of fresh grass in our cows diet, then you will get to "taste the difference" by enjoying an ice cold glass of farm fresh milk produced and bottled right here on the farm. Come watch the cows at work and play! Even the teachers will learn something new and love our School Tour!

Please call (941) 322-2802 Ext. 308 or click here to schedule your School Tour.

School Tours

Touring Season is Fall to Spring

Due to Summer heat, our touring season is open from the Fall to the Spring.

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Our School Tours are by reservation only. Please call (941) 322-2802 Ext. 308 or click here to discuss your specific date, time and to schedule your School Tour.

Pig Races at Dakin Dairy Farm

    School Field Trips Include:

  • All Attractions: see Farm Tours & Attractions page
  • Make Butter with Dakin Cream
  • Educational Stations
  • Bring your own lunch OR schedule a lunch with us