School Field Trips to the Farm!

School Field Trips

Growing Students Curiosity

"We've done the hard part, you get the FUN part… pick your date and book the bus!"

"The Cow Book"
A Written & Ready Curriculum

*Dakin Dairy Farms offers a written and ready workbook called "The Cow Book" satisfying 32 of the Florida State S.T.E.M. requirements for social studies, science and math.

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"The Cow Book"

Our Dakin Dairy School Field Trip program is an educational and entertaining school field trip program and an excellent tool to help inspire your students thirst for learning about sustainability, nutrition, and agriculture.

Fun, Educational School Field Trips

Dakin Dairy’s School Field Trips allow for a transfer of knowledge that is not only fun but educational too! The student also learns about sustainable farming and the many benefits of fresh grass in our cows' diet. During the School Field Trip students learn how milk is produced; from the pastures and the milking parlour to the bottling room where they learn about the process of pasteurization and butterfat content. Students will also learn the importance of a "Fresh Grass" diet and its nutritional value for cows and humans. All this while gaining experience feeding the resident calves themselves to learn more about the diets of not only the bovines but of goats and sheep as well. We will also show the "Wonders of the Milking Way", a hands-on and exploratory tour about dairy farming, production, and bottling. Students will "Taste the Difference" by enjoying an ice cold glass of farm fresh milk produced and bottled right here on the farm!

Students love seeing where milk REALLY comes from, instead of the grocery store. Dakin Dairy’s School Field Trips are ideal for fun, educational school field trips. Book a School Field Trip for your class today!

Dakin's Rules for a Safe Visit

  • Children MUST be supervised by an accompanying adult
  • Please stay within designated public areas
  • No Alcoholic Beverages
  • No Pets
  • Shoes & Shirt Required - Closed toe shoes recommended
  • PLEASE, NO Climbing - Our trees are so inviting to climb, BUT unfortunately liability issues prohibit climbing

Dakin Dairy Farms is a real working dairy with tractors and heavy equipment moving within the farming area. Check Website frequently for Events & Schedule changes.

Pavilion rental available.
Call for more info at 941-322-2802 x303.