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We have a written and ready-to-print workbook, called “The Cow Book”. This curriculum workbook is an inter-disciplinary, hands-on project designed to be implemented within TWO visits during one school year. Included are activities to be done prior, during, and after TWO visits to Dakin Dairy Farms with your class. Once you have booked your field trip, we’ll send you links to download the “Cow Book” prior to arrival.


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"The Cow Book" is a Two-part, Two-visit Program for Intermediate Elementary Students.

FarmED Cow Book Curriculum Includes:

  • Students learn to design and key a map of Dakin Dairy Farms
  • Fact finding activities using the internet
  • Mapping and Labeling the Cow’s Stomach
  • Types of U.S. Dairy Cattle Breeds
  • Why a cow is called a cow
  • What do cows eat?
  • Make and sample Dakin cream butter
  • Learn to listen, observe and record findings at the farm
    • how many times a day are cows milked
    • how many gallons of milk does a cow produce each day

Examples From Curriculum

Part-two Dakin FarmED Curriculum:

  • Students adopt and milk a cow, and track their cow’s progress throughout the school year
  • Gather data on diet, food consumption, milk production
  • Learn to make graphs and charts to mark progress
  • Create an artist’s rendition of their cow
  • Teachers can modify workbook for higher grade levels upon request.

For more information contact Jackie, our Tour Director at (941) 322-2802 x308, or click here to book your trip.

Examples From Curriculum