Our Secret for Delicious Milk

Cows Eating Fresh Grass

"Oh taste & see that the Lord is Good"

Ps 34:8

We thank God everyday for the passion inside us that He has instilled and sustains to love our family and our farm. It is His lead that we follow as He faithfully navigates us. Praise, Glory and Honor to you Jesus Christ!!

The flavor of milk is influenced by the cows diet…

Dakin Dairy cows know the secret to sweet, white milk that tastes like nature intended it. They know it starts with a diet of FRESH GRASS cut twice daily, mixed with grains, minerals & hay providing a well balanced nutritious salad. Their diet is formulated and monitored by our Nutritionist, Dr. Rick Lundquist to ensure they receive a balanced & healthy diet that gives them the vitamins and minerals their bodies crave to keep them healthy, producing high quality milk.

Cow Chewing Grass

Healthy, well fed cows make high quality, delicious milk

As a “sustainable” farm, we apply our composted manure to over 250 acres of grasses. Soil amended with compost reduces water usage and fertilizer needs. Our grasses are watered not only by rain, but with nutrient rich water recycled from our barn. Because we chop our grass twice daily on a rotational basis, we stay ahead of any real pest damage.

Our animals are fed and maintained as organically as is possible, with their overall health being our number one concern. A healthy, well fed cow produces high quality milk, with all the added benefits that come from FRESH GRASS!

Benefits of Fresh Grass

Provides the best source of natural beta-carotene, vitamin D and vitamin E, for better cow health and more nutritious milk.

  • High in Nature's own cancer inhibitor, conjugated linoleic acids (CLA’s) - providing milk with enhanced levels of “healthy fats!”
  • Provides a sustainable source of year round nutritious forage unique to our Florida climate.
  • Cows produce milk with a creamier texture and a fresh sweet taste, with natural digestive benefits.