Sustainability Comes Naturally to Dakin Dairy Farms

Sustainability In Farming

Each year we become even more sustainable by recycling & reusing our natural resources on the farm.

Recycling & Reusing

All barns are designed to utilize gravity to clean the floors and capture the sand, manure and water in settling basins which is then prepared to be recycled back into the farm. The sand, which was initially harvested from the farm, is sanitized using solar energy and reused in the barns for cow bedding. Cow bedding has been successfully managed without harvesting new sand by utilizing this method of recycling. The cow manure is composted and then land applied reducing fertilizer and water needs for 600 + acres of high protein grasses which are rotationally cut and fed fresh twice daily. The frequency of rotational harvesting keeps ahead of any real pest damage eliminating the need to use pesticides. The water captured in the final basin is continuously recycled either back to the housing barns to clean the floors or to the high protein grasses again reducing fertilizer needs through seepage irrigation.

This truly is why our milk tastes so good – it’s the “Fresh” grass, 365 days a year, blended with hay, grains and minerals that makes the Dakin “Taste” Difference.